Things you need to pack for umrah

Preparation is very important so you will not be bothered with your luggage when you want to leave Umroh or during the trip, then make sure the equipment that you bring put into your suitcase or briefcase. Although the tour agent will help take care of your luggage, but try if you are in a condition of force, you should be able to take care of your own luggage. For that bring the goods you really need. In the meantime, check out to find a recommended umrah and hajj service.

What items should you include in Baggage Luggage?

We recommend you carry Baggage Luggage with a maximum capacity of 20 kg. Baggage Luggage contains everyday clothes, Ihram equipment and other equipment such as Cosmetics Tools (for mothers) but does not also be used excessively because in addition to reducing the purpose of worship, also if entered into the mosque may be expelled from the racers, razors, scissors, perfume, sandals. Bring clothes as necessary, because it could be when umroh you do not need a lot to bring clothes. just a nightgown, clothes when city tour, clothes to the mosque and clothes from Travel. If umroh when winter brings a thick sweater.

Please note that sharp objects such as scissors for the threads, razors, nail clippers, and other sharp objects, or liquids in packs exceeding 100 ml, are not allowed into the Cabin Bag. therefore input into Baggage Bag only.

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