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Flight Safety Tips for You

Some plane crashes that occur as if to emphasize how important to pay attention to aspects of aviation safety. The traveler must have some tips and share information. Some safety tips that the traveler runs are actually simple, they adhere to what the cabin crew landing. Understand it, in fact, many people who do not care about it. If you know how precious your life is and want to have a safe flight, here are few things to know dealing with keselamatan keamanan penerbangan.

1. Use safety belt
This is serious and many passenger planes are getting more and more aware of it. Use safety belt when taking off and landing. Although the marking lights on the seatbelt are turned off, better safety belts remain mounted to deal with unpredictable turbulence.

2. Keep valuables that are easy to reach
At least you have your wallet and cell phone in your pants pocket. In an emergency condition, this item is automatically brought you. Or if you’re female, at least you put this in an accessible handbag, for example under the seat. In an emergency, it is easy to pick up.