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Keep this information in mind when taking care of your car battery

If there is an indicator light on the battery, check each add battery water. If the indicator lights are dimmed, the battery needs to be given extra treatment. Cars can be heated longer and more routinely, or the battery is brought to the battery to be welded so that the electricity increases. Charging the battery is also not expensive, range 20 to 30 thousand. Discuss with the batteries whether it needs to be drained and replaced by water or just added and then charge it. To replace the water there is an additional charge. Meanwhile, you might want to visit to find the recommended guide for choosing car battery chargers.

For Next tips, note the electrical indicators on the dashboard. If the electricity is not filled, there is a light on. It could be because the dynamo does not work, so it needs service dynamo.

Then, when going to turn off the car, make sure air conditioning and car tape die first. I have a friend, his car has a disease if his AC is not dead when it will be turned off, car starter will be difficult. I also had experience, when the battery is weakened, the car will be difficult to be started if the tape and AC conditions are on. When air conditioning and tape die, new stater is easier to do.

If you will not use the car for a long time, remove the battery cable when you are not. Usually, there is everyday use public transport, so the car is not turned on, then later on weekends, the car is used for family roads.

If you buy a car battery at a battery store that guarantees maintenance if you are lazy or do not have time to take care of your own battery at home, use the guarantee properly. Usually given a check card. Routinely bring a car there. The store will provide care, such as the addition of battery water. It’s usually free.