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Mistakes In Moving Home

One of the things that are often made when moving is to hurry packing your stuff due to time limitation. As a consequence, when you arrive at a new home, there are things that are useless or even some stuff are lost. Here are some common mistakes people make when moving house and how to fix it. But before that, we advise you to use services from our movers company if you want to move house.

1. Do not list your items

Even if you have a cardboard box ready for the items and you have also written down the type of stuff stored in it, you should keep your notes ready. Records can be segregated by room and quantity of goods. For example, write whatever items are in the dining room and how much. This is to prevent the loss of goods or tucked away in other boxes.

2. Record the removed item

It’s a habit that you just list the things that will be taken to your new home but not write the items that you removed or get rid of. So, when you already moving and remember that stuff, you think you’ve left it in a moving truck, blaming someone else or taken by a shipping worker. Note and remember what you are not going to bring to the new house and why you throw some of the items away, so you no need to look for that thing.

3. Do not coat the chair legs with plastic

Wooden legs of table or chair are vulnerable to scratches, damages, or broken when moving. Especially if you do not hire a professional moving company. Coat each leg of the table and chair with styrofoam and wrap it in plastic so it not easy to break.

4. Packing is not sequential

Pack your item sequentially. When you don’t pack items in a row, such as you clean your room while you do not finish clean your kitchen. It will make you forget about what item that you need to bought and what item that you need to get rid of. This way also makes packing stuff longer. Start from one area and move to another area after the first area is finished.