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Benefits and Side Effects of Kefir Mask

Maybe for most people, kefir is quite strange to the ear. However, kefir turned out to be one type of beverage that is very good for health. It is obtained from the good mineral content that exists in kefir itself. For those of you who want to buy kefir grains, you can visit our website right now. However, in addition to the beverage, kefir can also be used as a mask. Mask kefir is one of the beauty treatments that are a trend and much favored by women. Natural masks made from this goat or cow’s milk fermentation turn out to have benefits and side effects that must be known before using it.

1. Mask kefir contains many AFA hydroxyl acids (AHA) which are used to reduce wrinkles and slow the aging process.

2. Overcoming the problem of acne or blackheads contained in the skin of the face.

3. Mask kefir contains many natural ingredients that can help reduce irritation in the skin. Irritation is usually caused by the use of skin care cream or cosmetics containing chemicals.

4. AHA content in kefir mask is also useful to rejuvenate the skin and increase collagen that can tighten the skin.

5. Kefir mask contains many Lactobacilli bacteria that can regulate the acid balance in facial skin cells.

6. Amino acids contained in the mask kefir is also useful as an antioxidant is good for the skin.

7. In addition, to nourish the skin, kefir mask is also useful for exfoliation of dead skin cells so the skin looks brighter naturally.

In addition to these benefits, mask kefir also has side effects when used. When first used, the facial skin will be slightly reddened and itchy. This is very natural because the natural content in the mask kefir is working in the skin layer. Do not worry girls, usually facial skin will return to normal the next day.